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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Harassment is defined as “aggressive pressure or intimidation”. Note that it isn’t physical and that there is no harm done by it. Sexual harassment is defined as harassment of a sexual nature, or the “unwelcome” and “inappropriate” (both completely subjective) promise of rewards for sexual favors. There is no physical force being used against a victim of sexual harassment.

“Aggressive pressure or intimidation” of a sexual nature may be unpleasant, but it doesn’t violate anyone’s body or property. So inherently, there is nothing wrong with sexual harassment, therefore any laws made against sexual harassment, or harassment of any kind for that matter, are unjust and tyrannical. Since harassment is essentially just words, with no damage made to the victim’s body or property, all harassment is completely arbitrary, all it means is that something someone said is making someone else feel bad, and they want a law to prohibit it.


This is proven, for if one looks at the oh so brave basic bitches “fighting sexual harassment”, one can see that most say things like “It makes the victim uncomfortable and objectified!” as if the hurt feelings of certain people is enough to bring in legal intervention. Making people uncomfortable (AKA “harassing them”) is not something to be outlawed, as any certain thing said or behavior can make any certain person uncomfortable (just look at safe spaces and trigger warnings).


Feminists will claim that we live in a culture of sexual harassment, and will exaggerate and call it a “rape culture”, because apparently sexual harassment happens so much and is part of our culture. In truth, any behavior that even remotely sexual that makes anyone feel discomfort in anyway can be labeled as sexual harassment. A man cold approaching women to try to get to know them and pick up women, when she doesn’t find him attractive? That’s sexual harassment. A drunken frat boy talking with his buddies about which girls they would smash and rating them out of 10? That’s sexual harassment.


Making a sexual comment, telling a chick that she has nice tits, or wolf whistling? While many would consider this actually harassment, just think about it. It’s just a funny comment. If some broad told you “hey nice dick” you’d just laugh it off. Asking for sexual favors in return from an employee in return for a higher salary? Something completely voluntary, consensual and non-coercive, just trading goods for certain other goods? Sexual harassment.


Recently a report in Australia claimed that about 26% of girls on campus were sexually harassed. The leading type of harassment? INNAPROPRATE STARING. Yes, that’s right. I shit you not. You can’t even look at a girl without it being labeled as fucking sexual harassment. And who chooses what’s inappropriate anyway? Some shit smelling multi colored land-whale? Or some whipped limp wristed pansy mangina?

So do we live in a culture of sexual harassment? If you are mentally retarded and define sexual harassment as any sort of sexual interaction whatsoever that made a girl the tiniest bit uncomfortable, such as fucking looking at her, then yeah we do and every single man in the world is the problem. But if you’re not totally bat shit insane, you realize that most “sexual harassment” isn’t too bad at all. Becoming uncomfortable because someone looked at you doesn’t make it sexual assault, it makes you a weak minded cry baby.


That’s the culture we live in, an over sensitive cry baby culture. To be fair if a guy went around yelling loud sexual insults at girls while following them, exposing himself in front of them, or threatened to kill them if they didn’t comply, that’s when it’s appropriate to call it harassment, and most men do not condone this behavior at all.

Bringing in government force to stop women from feeling uncomfortable can have devastating effects on certain people, and by that I mean men. An example is the pickup artist, who approaches women in public regularly. Some women will of course be less receptive to his approach, and will be creeped out or made uncomfortable by him, despite him only saying, at the most extreme, that she’s pretty and that he wants her number. This could get the guy fined or jailed, as its considered harassment, all cause some socially retarded bitch was made uncomfortable.


Of course, there is a difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault. Assault, of all kinds, is a crime and should be punished, as it involves physical violation of someone’s body or property. Harassment is completely subjective, as people define it differently whereas assault is objective, as everyone can observe and agree that the victim’s body was physically assaulted.

If all this “harassment” is such a big issue to women, with a comment about her tits or a wolf whistle being called “harmful” to them, it goes to show that women are so privileged. What they should do is grow a pair of balls (metaphorically speaking of course) and get over it. Or maybe the worlds so tough for them to handle that they should actually stay in the kitchen?

Written by Shaheen