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Motivation 101 How to Stay Motivated Every Day To Achieve Success

Motivation 101 How to Stay Motivated Every Day To Achieve Success

1) Have a goal

Motivation is critical to becoming successful. To stay motivated you have to have either a goal or a mission, that you can realistically achieve. Goals can be small or large, it only matters that you HAVE a goal and that you work towards making it become real. 


Don’t TRY, MAKE it happen.


2) Read motivating works

Every morning I start my day reading or watching something motivating, a YouTube video or a book.


It is important that you can learn something new, get inspired or both. Reading fiction and fake stories is not the way to do it. Currently, I am reading MGTOW Building Wealth and Power: For Single Men Only – by Tim Patten! Tim Patten and motivation go hand in hand. 


This book is a must for every MGTOW out there wishing to turn his life around!  


Motivation How to stay motivated every day


3) Stay clean

One of the best decisions I made was to shave daily and to get a haircut every two weeks. People notice it, trust me.


Staying clean and well groomed is very important for your confidence and your own morale. Smelling nice, looking good, and showing your best features should be key everyday!


Men who smell, don’t shave and dress like rubbish, don’t appeal to anyone. You will notice that the upper class and the very well off, they are always dressed well and are always well groomed. Even if they are just wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, they look clean. Upper class have motivation in their life, whether it’s to become more wealthy or leave a legacy behind. 


Poor people never look clean no matter what. The simple act of putting on a business suit does not make you look clean, even after a shower you can still look dirty. A dirty person always has that scummy look about them, no matter how hard they try, it’s in their face, their body language and the way they speak.


Staying well groomed and clean doesn’t require a lot of daily effort, it simply requires attention on a regular basis. Showering daily, wearing clean, fitted and stylish clothes, hair trimmed especially the neck hair, clean shaven or if you can grow a stylish beard and it suits you then go for it.


4) Dress like a winner

Dressing like a winner is a must. Every time You should never wear dirty or smelly clothes, you should never wear ill-fitting clothes, and you should never wear cheaply produced clothes.


It’s certainly OK to pay a steep discount (I do) but for quality clothing, you shouldn’t pay a cheap price for cheap clothes.


The only people who can look good in t-shirts, and especially v-neck t-shirts, are men who have a good build.


If you’re a skinny guy or a fat guy you need to hit the gym before you worry about an upgrade in clothing.


Clothes do make the man. Motivation to dress up and look your best is vital.


If you wear clothes that are too old, too loose or too tight, you will get labelled as filthy, bland, dirty and poor dressed man. Wearing stylish shoes also always helps.


5) Drink Matcha green tea powder

Matcha is essentially a powdered green tea that comes from Japan. Unlike the regular Sencha tea, Matcha powder comes from baby tea leaves which were grown in the shade and minimally processed. It has a very aromatic green tea taste that almost tastes sweet.


Matcha contains caffeine and L-Theanine which is a nootropic . It helps people focus and feel energised yet stay calm and relaxed at the same time. Buddhist monks have used Matcha to meditate for 100’s of years.


6) Have a rich mindset

Being rich and Wealthy is a mindset. Poor people are always going to be in the poor, negative mindset.


If you ask any poor person how to get rich their reply will be “Win the lottery.


It doesn’t take a genius or high IQ to make lots of money, it takes determination and a strong will and a refusal to listen to the losers and complainers who give you reasons why it can’t be done.


Dreaming about it, talking about it, fantasising about it will do nothing to get you closer to the goal of making money.


Getting off your ass and making it happen, everyday is what will get you real results, and if you stick to it for the long run, you will succeed! 


7) Aspire for Higher

Aiming to be like everyone else, average is a great way to become and stay average.


Aiming for higher results is a great way to become higher.


It’s all in your head.


What you think of becoming, you will become.


It takes doing something everyday along with your objective.


Ask yourself if you are going to be happy and content for the rest of your miserable life making 40-50 K a year, working some dead beat job Monday to Friday, while reporting to some loser manager who will try and make your life even more miserable.


And in return all you get is a lousy pay check which covers rent, bills and food.


By contrast, winners don’t “just” settle for anything. Winners demand more out of life. And they will acquire it.


We all get what we want in the end.


Aim for more, aim for higher targets. Aim for the stars. You may only get to Mars but it sure is better than staying low and miserable on the bottom.


8) I like myself

As the famous motivational speaker and life coach Brian Tracy suggests: “whenever you feel down and out, or if your self esteem goes down and you feel worthless, look in the mirror and keep saying the following: I like myself, I like myself I like myself. Say it 20 times until you feel better.”

Remember if you don’t love yourself first nobody else will.


Enjoy, friends!

-MGTOW 101

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