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Every Woman Has A Selling Price – Women Can’t Eat Love

Every Woman Has A Selling Price – Women Can’t Eat Love


It’s a fact, women, ladies, females (whatever you want to call them) want nothing to do with men who provide no (financial) benefit to them.


Women always want money for spending time with men (marriage is a legalised prostitution), because money is the ultimate source of social status and power.


This kind of “sex sells” behaviour is not only seen in humans, but in animals as well. Males are willing to do almost anything to get access to the quality vagina.


Woman Selling Price

And while women cry that they’re treated as sexual objects and exploited for sex, it’s worth knowing that the very basis of human sexual relationships revolves around women using men for money and labour.


What’s interesting to note is that our modern society condemns the man while praising and protecting the woman, just take a look at what happens in divorce courts.


Modern women especially love being portrayed as the automatic victims. They simply “can’t do no wrong”. Let’s get back to our main topic.


As mentioned previously and what lies at the core between men and women is that every woman has her price. And a man must be willing to pay it to get sex and affection from that woman.


In most cases, there is no free lunch. Obviously some men (a small number) can on odd occasions bed virtually any woman if SHE accepts it. This is why some men are interested in learning PUA skills but as time goes on, eventually these men also realise that every pussy has her price. If he doesn’t pay, she dumps him for another man.


And it’s only natural that some ladies charge higher than others. Certain women are more honest and up front about their price while others downplay and pretend it doesn’t exist.


The fact is majority of women lie and pretend that a man’s money, job title or status isn’t what attracts them and keeps them attracted to men. And besides, what else does a typical, spoiled modern woman offer a man besides her vagina?


She doesn’t want to cook, clean or look after the kids. She also does not enjoy working full time.   


On most occasions, female relationships and dating encounters with men break down into these four basic types:


Pump and dump (reversed) A young woman enjoys a short fling with a new man, but her sexual desire and lust for him rapidly goes down as she returns to her cock carousel. He no longer appeals to her and she dumps him. This could be for a variety of reasons but mainly because he was not “driven” financially and she was hungry for more.


No money – no honey: A woman directly offers sex to the man for a fee.


PAYG or pay as you go (typical marriage): Most average men rely on this process to keep women in their lives “committed” to them. The funny thing is women tend to tolerate men who provide for them financially while simultaneously sleeping around with more masculine alpha males to keep their sex life exciting.


The bubble payment: Usually a loveless relationship, most commonly a marriage where the woman is counting days for when she can cash in on her rich husband by divorcing him and taking as much as 50% of his assets and resources at the divorce court. Fact: over 60% of marriages in US, Europe and Australia end up in divorce and over 80% of all divorces are initiated by women.


It’s obvious that the man is paying for the company of a woman and a chance at having sex with her. This essentially confirms that all women are prostitutes that charge different prices for their “products.”


And it’s not just human females who practice this pay for sex attitude. Other animals act in similar ways, human females are more cunning at selling themselves for the highest price though.


Like I said, “no money – no honey.”


Women who are in it for the good times rent their tits, pussy and arse out by the hour, while typical “wives” expect huge houses, luxury cars, and to be always provided for by the husband thus “keeping up with the Joneses.”


But the actual process and money exchange is always the same at the centre of every human relationship and dating that involves sex.


You must pay for play. And the only real distinction between them depends on how cunning and sophisticated and ambiguous women want to be about it.


Mind you, women tend to only get jobs to raise their own price that they can demand for themselves when men are interested in them.


If she has a job and can look after her basic needs, she won’t be put in a situation where she is desperate to give sex to random men who are not wealthy enough or who don’t have the social status.


What I mean is: When a woman has a regular job and covers her own needs for survival (majority of Western women) her expectations of a man in order to give him sex will be much, much higher.


She will screen all her potential new males eager to sleep with her, but she doesn’t want any regular guy, she wants “only the best”.


In other words, she wants a rich man who has a high status and power. Ironically, women like this can wait for their “prince charming” well into their 40s and still will be very unlikely to lower their expectations. If they do and some will, expect a speedy divorce or a break up. 


This unnatural pattern escalated when the government started taxing and stealing hard earned money from men to keep the Western women happy.


What’s worse is that these women don’t like masculine men or sex much to start with. Men who get into relationships and marriage with women thinking they will get plenty of affection, love and sex are deeply disappointed when their sex life becomes non-existent.


Compared to other cultures, women from UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand tend to be non-sexual compared to their counterparts in non-English speaking countries. You could say that Anglo-Saxons view sex as a dirty topic and not a part of a healthy relationship.


I strongly advise all men to wake up and stop the welfare of women in our Western society.


All you need to do is go to countries where the governments do not provide free money for women and single mothers.


There you will see for yourself how young, quality women treat men, as if you are their life line and master.  


That is the natural order of things in traditional parts of the world where masculine men are valued and respected. It’s just what women do. This is related to hypergamy that most MGTOWs know a lot about.


If you are still sceptical and don’t believe me, do a simple experiment. Stop giving your wife or girlfriend money, stop paying bills and ask her to start contributing financially.


See how long she stays around with you.


Chances are she will be gone and into another man’s arms very quickly.


All women are whores; some are direct about it but the price fluctuates from woman to woman.

Hypergamy 101.


Enjoy, friends!

-MGTOW 101

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