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How to Escape The Rat Race – Corporate Slavery

Corporate Slavery – How to Escape The Rat Race

People who live an average, mundane life follow a simple plan that’s used by millions around the world.


This plan is promoted by members of our society under the pretence of doing the most reasonable, stable, safe and responsible way of living.


The plan should be called “How to NEVER escape the rat race”.


escape rat race


Here’s how this rat race plan works:


Go to school and graduate college/university


Get a “job” (which stands for “JUST OVER BROKE”)


Work at this job or in this industry for the next 45 years and slowly get promoted to the top of the company ladder


Get married to a woman and then wait for her to divorce you (usually in your late 30s), have a baby with her and for the next 18 years make sure to pay child support and alimony


Retire at the ripe old age of 65 where you are mentally and physically exhausted from years of sitting at the office cubicles, terrible back posture, and emotional abuse by your boss and wife as well as overworking yourself on a daily basis


Live for another 5 to 10 more years on your retirement savings which barely can afford you anything


Die from heart disease or a stroke or another common “western lifestyle disease” 


Get buried at a local cemetery where you are soon forgotten


And that is the way you win at the rat race my friends



If you follow what the society expects from you, if you do what your family, friends, work colleagues, and the caring government want, you will truly blessed with this way of living or should I say, dying


Great huh?


Talk about living your own your life for others.


This is why I did my best to get out of the west. 


I did not want to end up like the above.


If you see nothing wrong with living like a caged bird then go for it. 


But for those of us men who can’t deal with such a shitty reality, we must go into business of making money for ourselves.

No more dealing with angry bosses or greedy corporations.


Myself and other men who can’t and will not let a rat race become our own reality. We will not stop doing our best, growing our own businesses, increasing our profits until money is not something which we worry about.


We have enough passion and desire to break away from being a corporate slave and we will all make it my friends!


We are men who will design and live our lives the way we want to and we will let nothing get in our way from achieving this.


This is what we are here for, to truly seize this world and make it ours. 


Timothy Ferriss has written an amazing book, titled: “The 4-hour Work Week : Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich“.


It’s not a long read but has a truck load of valuable information of exactly how you can escape the rat race by building your own businesses and wealth.


This is not rocket science my friends, all it takes is your real hunger, strong desire and some initial “work your butt off” to make it happen.  


Enjoy, friends!

-MGTOW 101

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