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Choosing Your City to Live

Choosing Your City to Live


It’s simple, if you want to make good money, then you need to live in a city that will provide plenty of work and a great pay cheque.


If someone wants to strike it rich and make a fortune for themselves they either move to wealthy large cities or they move to areas that are busting with natural resources and similar opportunities. You need to be careful choosing your city. 


Hardly anyone would want to move to a quiet country town to make great money, but people often relocate to large capital cities such as London, New York City, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris and Sydney Australia to build wealth.


Choosing Your City


Why do these people move to such cities in hopes of making good money?


Simple, this is where the money is created. Think about it, just to live in these large cities requires a large weekly or monthly pay packet.


So you either earn big or go somewhere else.


What’s the ultimate formula to building wealth and making great money?


You can make a tonne of money but don’t waste it like a drunken sailor.


Always pay yourself first and save as much as you can afford.


Settle the bills only after you have set some money aside for yourself.


And in case you didn’t know, Asian immigrants who move to US, UK or Australia, have a fool proof method.


They migrate to a rich city, they work their butts off in a small shop or a business, they live super cheap below their means, they all live together in one house, they save their hard earned cash, they invest their money in other businesses and property and when their kids have grown up, they’re driving luxury cars and attending prestigious universities.


However, reverse is also true, in cheap cities overseas you can live a life of luxury and spend very little.


Here is how you do it: Make more money in a rich city where you may also have property and other businesses and spend it in a poor city such as Bangkok or Hanoi. Choosing your city is easy when you have a plan.


Top Ten Richest Cities in the United States 

New York City
Los Angeles (LA)
San Francisco (San Fran)
Washington D.C.

Top Ten Richest Cities in the World

New York City
Los Angeles


If you can’t seem to find money, you can move where they pay better or you can live in a cheap country and make money in your own home country. The best way is to have an online business that can generate you adequate income that allows you to travel the world. I much prefer living in a poor city with a good income than in a rich city with a poor income. 


Enjoy, friends!

-MGTOW 101

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