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22 Ways to Become Great and Win at Life

22 Ways to Become Great and Win at Life


This guide shows the path of success that winners take. They take action and get things done.


The way I see it, quite often, most of the greatest people that have ever lived in this world were considered crazy, weird or strange. Very few rational and “normal” people ever make it and become highly successful or known for something unique.


If you want to be just like everybody else, that person who thinks like everyone else and acts like everyone else, then this may not be the guide for you. 


These people can go back to their ordinary, boring and mundane lives of watching TV, reading newspapers, eating junk food and drinking beer on their couch.

great man

For others who are willing to think outside the box and are not afraid of doing things differently, give yourself a pat on your back, this guide in winning at life is for you.


  1. You have a choice, become a winner or stay a loser.


Some people are already born to be winners, they have the fortune on their side and they are taught how to win from an early age. Other people can be born losers but if they come across some material that gives them knowledge and success then they can turn their life around for the better.


Knowledge is a powerful tool which can set you up on the path of success: Remember that everything in life is your own personal choice and your own free will – this includes being happy, sad, being a winner or a loser.


For those who were born into families full of losers, it still does not matter. You can break the cycle and get out of the rut. You can become successful.


Why is that? Success is ingrained, but it is also a choice that you make. You have to apply this knowledge, it’s your choice to do it and you have to learn how to achieve this. No one else will do it for you.


If other people can do it, so can you. Even simple minded idiots can do it, why can’t you? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just follow the advice and take the steps that other great men have taken to become successful.  


Winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself. See the difference? All it takes is a mental switch and daily action to become a winner.


2. Exorcise mental demons like the exorcist.


In reality, the only person who holds you back from success and glory is yourself. You create your own failures and successes. My advice is to burn those mental demons that sabotage your positive thinking once and for all. Positive thinking and aspirations are vital to being successful. NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF.


Break free out of those negative thoughts and start imagining success, but more importantly, you must also do something every day that will get you closer to being great. Positive thoughts and positive actions daily turns into positive way of life and creates positive mental thoughts.


My advice is to break out of the misery and sadness that sabotages you. If you don’t do it, you will be stuck there forever. So start today, break out and embrace the future of positivity and success.


3. Stop waiting for the right moment and create your own right moments.


A lot of people procrastinate by thinking and talking about doing different things and creating ideas. They waste their time talking and dreaming about what they want to achieve, but they never lift their finger and they never get stuff done.


They are almost waiting for a sign from above, a miracle that will tell them to start doing things.


There is a saying: “Have faith in God but rely on yourself”.


4. Love yourself.


When you do things that you love, you will always love doing things. This is a basic piece of knowledge. The idea is to create content that you will never get tired of and that you simply love and adore.


If you love something, other people will also love it. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.


Enthusiasm is contagious, so if you like something, there is a big chance others will also enjoy it.


Many people share interests, goals and ideas. By creating things that you truly love, it will be always enjoyed by other like minded people.


Create it as if you are doing it for yourself, when you follow this basic principle, you will admire it and also devote a great amount of love to it. This is the opposite of being a worker drone who works for some corporation for a pay cheque.


5. Early bird gets the worm.


There is no other ways about it. If you wake up early and get things done early, you will have a lot more hours in the day to get things done.


If you sleep all day and get up late, it’s much harder to get things done.


Some people are more effective at working at night than during the day, but that is only because they are used to staying up late. Our bodies are designed to rest at night and work during the day.


But in the end, if you put in the time to get work done, and put in the long hours, then chances are, you will succeed.


6. Why it’s better to be a bad guy.


Polite and nice people are usually dismissed as weak and pathetic. To become successful at life, you have to let go off all the niceness and politeness. Be direct and don’t waste time on nonsense.


The most successful men out there are mostly bad guys who put themselves first.


Nice guys finish last, repeat that 10 times. Most wealthy men who created their own fortune are NOT nice guys.


Good and nice guys get used up and thrown out like a dirty diaper. Niceness will never get you far, unless you are asking for charity. Others respond to you by you being nice out of obligation.


Bad guys get results because they do not seek permission or validation. They just take what they want, when they want it.


7. Become obsessed about being successful even when others hate you.


Jealousy is a nasty trait to have. Lots of successful people constantly get attacked by the lazy and stupid people who have nothing better to do than be jealous and spreading hatred.


We live in a world full of people who want an easy life without any sacrifice. They shy away from hard work, dedication and determination.


My advice is to avoid those people, but if they still come to you to mock you, just take it as a compliment and go about your day.


8. Listen to your gut instinct.


Usually you will know if you are following the right path because deep down, your gut will be telling whether something is right or wrong.


Obviously you do have to calculate the risks and rewards while forming a decision but most of the time your gut instinct will be right.


Never make any business or important decisions when you are feeling down or not thinking straight, you will regret it later on.


I’ve personally made some stupid decisions just because I wanted to prove to other people how successful I can be. Always be humble and take your time with important decisions. 


I recommend only listening to people who have been there and done that.


There are few friends when it comes to business and making money, most people look out for their own interests.


I’ve seen countless times when partners and even friends put their interests and greed for money first before their friends’ interests.


At the same time your vision and ideas can be totally different to what your friends and family see.


You have your own goals and dreams, follow them and do everything to achieve them. Over time when you start getting results, the people close to you will notice the positive change.


9. Be focused on achieving great results, nothing else matters.


Successful people see the whole life through a long tunnel. Most other people see only the light at the end of that tunnel.


Losing focus means you will also lose momentum. This will sabotage your whole mission.


On the other hand, moving towards success is a bit like driving forward and seeing what’s ahead. The big mistake here would be to try and look sideways as you are driving forward. You will lose focus and crash.


Being focused on the objects straight ahead and at the same time being able to correct any potential problems that can arise on the sides is how you move forward with success. The main task is to move forward, closer to your goals.


The irony here is that when you are in control of your surroundings, you will most likely go past your originally set goals because you were focused on moving forward. This means that often, successful people achieve a lot more than they set out to achieve originally.


The goal is to keep moving forward, never pull to the side and cut yourself short, that’s when people fail. They stop too soon.  


10. Never settle for second best.


Successful people, men and women hold others to high standards. But, there is one important distinction. Personally, they hold themselves to the absolute highest standard. In life, you can only ever count on yourself.


Incompetent people will always struggle to make it big and successful in this world. That’s just their way of life, their nature.


As a successful man, or if you want to become successful, you must be competent.


The best way to become competent is to make sure you do everything to the best of your abilities. No task is too big. Spend time with competent people who appreciate perfection.


Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. 

great man


11. Use your high sex drive for achieving great things.


A lot of guys out there who are constantly chasing women for sex, I have some bad news.


You will never achieve great results in business or becoming a successful business owner if you spend most of your energy on pussy chasing.


I get it, I really do, pussy and sex are great. But we all know it that if you have nothing to offer to women then you will have to constantly chase them for sex.


The right thing to do is to use your sexual energy to invest into building a business or a few and make great money.


Not only will you be preoccupied with building yourself up and setting up your future for success in the long run, but women will also notice your success and will want to chase you instead. No money, no honey. 


Instead of wasting all your time, money and energy going out every night, start building something big like a new business.


Interesting things will happen.


I knew a lot of men who would go out most nights of the week to “pickup” women. After a few years of going out, they are still chasing that tail with nothing to show for it.


Imagine all those days, months and years wasted.


12. Get excited and get inspired from various sources.


The way I see it, it’s much better to have a vast number of inspirations in your life. This will make you more geared towards choosing unique opportunities and will greatly increase your creativity.


Look to many different people, animals and forms of art for inspiration. Try something different.


The goal is to get the best possible elements from many sources and then shape it into one particular element.


The more inspirations you have in your world, the better and more vivid your imagination will be.

Start looking around for those inspirations.


13. Communicate your thoughts and ideas into clear goals.


In order to be effective at communication, you must be able to write and show your plans clearly on paper. They also must flow clearly through your thoughts.


If your plans are foggy or if you can’t speak and explain your plans in a clear format then they will never become clear and you will struggle to capitalise on these plans.


There are two ways to correct this problem:


Write your plans down on paper or in a file on your computer. This will simplify your plans.


It’s much easier for us to visual things on paper rather than keep them in our thoughts where they can become a chaos.  


You can also speak your ideas to other people but chances are they will not believe you until they start seeing real, positive results.


One of the best ways to write down your ideas is to start your own online blog. You can kick it off with BlueHost. They provide the best deals on hosting.


14. Project your voice, be loud and proud.


Speak like a man and put some power into your words. When you speak clearly, people will hear you better. No one wants to listen to little boys mumble. Talk like a man.


All great men speak from a place of power, they speak loud and clear. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a deep and powerful way of speaking. He is not afraid to be heard, in fact, he wants to be heard by as many people as possible. 


But also remember that if you are going to talk like a big man, you’ve got to back it up. Arnold has achieved a lot in his life and certainly can back up his words. What about you?


Talk is cheap so make sure to back it up.


I believe that no one will believe you or even listen to you until you have solid proof of being great. It works in all parts of life.


Walk the talk, stand up for your words, because if you are talking rubbish, then no one will respect you and your tough talk.


If you plan to become the next big bodybuilder, MMA fighter or own a million dollars in cash by the time you are 21, don’t talk ideas, and get started with actions. Back up your claims before you start boasting about them. Boasting about ideas that you haven’t even accomplished is weak. Less talk, more action.


15. Read books and more of them.


We live in a world where men have stopped reading.


Some of the best ideas I’ve ever got were from reading books, novels and generally reading materials of those men that have achieved greatness and success in their life.


You will not get nearly as much inspiration or enjoyment out of watching a 90 minute film as opposed to reading a book that will take you at least a few weeks to finish.


My dad has always pushed me to read more and more as a kid. It was one of the best pieces of advice I ever got as a child.


Not only books improve the way your imagination works, it also helps you with basic grammar and spelling.


16. You must always be switched on.


Most great people I know have a constant “on-mode”.


This basically means that their brain is always switched on, even when they are on holidays or enjoying a weekend.


You never know when a great idea may come to you and you must be well prepared to drop everything and work developing it further.


Some of the best ideas for me came to me when I was doing the most random things, mostly when travelling from point A to point B.


Have a pen or a digital notebook ready so you can write it down.


Work always takes priority of great people. You must always be immersed in it.


This is why it’s so important to do something that you first enjoy and feel passionate about.


If you can’t wait until the clock hits 5 pm and it’s time to go home, you’re in the wrong career. Get out while you still have time.


People who take breaks tend to lose momentum, and it takes a lot to get that momentum back.


I have no problem what so ever to work my butt off Friday or Saturday nights while people are out partying.


Remember, first things first.


To be great and to be at the top, it takes all of your time and the price to be at the top is exactly that –your time and energy on a daily basis.


Greatness stops when you stop caring and being great, it works both ways.


17. Clothes make the man.


If you want to feel great, look great and have people respect you, you must dress great and look the part. To build your own unique personal style, check out Iron & Tweed


These guys have an awesome and affordable wardrobe guide for men, called: Casual Style 101.


Clothes can make the man look cool or look like a fool. If you are fat and out of shape, you need to get training in the gym, on monkey bars or do some other sports activity that you personally enjoy.


There is a wide choice out there, I am sure you will like something that you can do 3-4 times a week for 30-60 minutes or more.


When you become fit and shredded, you new clothes will look even better on you.


Check out these guys to build solid muscle and exercise your body: John Doe Bodybuilding and Red Supplements


18. Network with other killers.


A switched on boss is great at delegating jobs and sealing the deals.

It is only logical and important to meet other like-minded people who you can network with and collaborate together.


Strive to make new connections and build friendships with these men, look out for what makes them successful and apply the same character traits in your life.


You must form friendships with other successful people who are going the same way as you.


When you have a group of people you can work with and share ideas, it makes things easier as two heads are better than one, three are better than two and you get the drift.


Initially you may get away with building and working on a business yourself, but as time goes on and your business grows, it will become almost impossible to get everything done without sacrificing  important tasks that are more important than others.


You can hire other great minds to help you with your work load. In fact, that’s what most businesses have to do down the track as you can’t do everything yourself.


Groups of like-minded people can also offer the needed support and encouragement.


Work gets tough, trust me and it’s nice for others to have your back.


You can find freelancers online who will gladly accept your work.


19. Always stand tall and proud, with your shoulders back.


When you stand tall and proud, it pushes you onto the path of victory and abundance as great posture makes you feel confident.


This is the basics of body language. 


The best way to do it is to spread your feet wide apart so they are directly underneath your shoulders.

Pull your shoulders back and old your head up high. You can put your hands on your hips, whichever feels more comfortable. Don’t slouch your back.


When you are taking up a little more room around you while standing, is a good indicator that you are comfortable in your surroundings.

great man

20. Keeping it nice and simple.


Great people follow the basic principles of success.


They don’t lose their minds trying to figure out complex tasks to get head. They follow the core fundamentals which keeps things simple for them.


The fundamentals are fundamentals for a reason and they must never be skipped.


21. The importance of listening and paying attention.


If you actually look around, you will notice that very few people pay attention and actively listen.


People pretend to listen by nodding their heads and agreeing with the other person.


Do yourself and other a favour and don’t waste time nodding your head, if you do really pay attention, you will stop wasting time on time wasters who want your attention for their personal cause.


22. Immerse yourself in reading books by great men and take notes.


The difference between reading and taking notes is important.


When you take notes, you are paraphrasing the gist of the knowledge you have just discovered. It’s too easy to read something and 5 minutes forget about it.


Taking notes makes you remember it. 


Start by reading the following book: “Think and Grow Rich” which will will prepare you for some harsh reality that you needed from a young age. Better still, it will wipe away the term “failure” out of your mind. When you can’t fail, you can only succeed.


Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to forget the meaning of failure so you can only succeed? It’s all possible if you follow the above guidance.


Enjoy, friends!

-MGTOW 101

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