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How To Become a Great Man

How To Become a Great Man


1. Just say NO.
Being a great man often means being able to resist and just say no.


Sometimes you need to really make it obvious and just say NO. We live in a world of people who act like average sheep and never go against “the rules” while conforming to the status quo.


And I know that it can be hard for the modern man to stand up for what he believes in and for his rights. This type of approach turns great, masculine men into wimps who want to please others and the society rather than grow up to be powerful and respected men.


Lots of men today simply want to fit-in and stop working on themselves to become the best they can be.


These guys do not want to stand out from the rest of men, they are always obeying the rules and are afraid to step out of line.


In my personal opinion, what a miserable way to live.


This is how weak, beta males live, you want to do the opposite, you want to create your own lifestyle and make life interesting and worth living.


But back to our main point. You have to draw the line and get people around you to respect that decision. If someone decides to disobey and cross that line, you do not think even for a second about telling them, loud and clear that the answer is NO.


You must reclaim your independence by setting firm and strict rules that no one ever gets to break, no matter what the circumstances are.


Sometimes it may be challenging no to say no, but a real modern man does not allow himself to be swayed on his rules and boundaries as a man, and he lives with that decision and feels absolute comfort.


great man


2. Establish your space and territory.
Really great and powerful men will show their dominant nature and claim their personal territory. It’s achieved with the power of your mind and body language above all else off course.


I am talking about being a dominant Alpha male who respects himself, protects and cares for his family and friends.


Let’s get something clear, by being an Alpha man it does not mean that you go around punching your chest, fighting other men and being a rude prick, this is not Alpha at all. Alpha males are calm, relaxed and always in control of their emotions and actions.


Being an Alpha means that you claim your space and show your energy as a masculine man. Standing tall (shoulders back), feet levelled with your shoulders, breathing deep and speaking loud and clear makes you in control of your surroundings, feelings and emotions.


It’s better to speak loud and clear as an alpha rather than talk like a quiet mouse. Make sure to observe your behaviour and always make sure that you appear as an alpha.


Stand up tall, take up as much space around you as you feel comfortable, breathe deep, smile, and do not be afraid to be a man who is not afraid of showing his balls to the world. A real man does not hide, slouch, talks softly, or stands there like a wimp.


These are the basics of the body language, you must learn to control yourself in order to feel loud and proud. Be a man, seriously.


3. Stand up for the weak and less fortunate people in this world.
A man who can build other people up and make them feel good should strive to achieve that. This is the most amazing and powerful skill a man can have.


I am not stating that you must go out and seek out less fortunate people to help, but I am saying that you should always have a good and positive influence and affect on those people around you.


For example, when you see someone who is upset, just ask them if they are OK and offer them some comfort, even if it’s just listening to their problem. Sometimes that’s all people need.


What about when a guy or a girl is getting bullied or badly treated for something that you know is not their fault?


Stick up for them right away and let others know that this is not on, no need to get into a fist fight but just make it obvious that people should not disrespect others for no good reason.


4. Be proud of your sexuality.
A great and powerful man is not afraid to express his sexuality.


Don’t feel ashamed of your sexual desires as a man. If you are attracted to a woman, there is no reason to hide it. It’s completely natural for a man to feel attracted to a beautiful woman.


Far too often, lots of men simply don’t want to upset anyone or cause even the slightest feeling of discomfort. These men have become practically scared of even speaking to women for fear of being labelled as creep. They are afraid of insulting women or coming off as strange or disrespectful that they let this fear stop them from even introducing themselves or having a casual chat.


One of the key concepts of being a great and powerful man is to understand that you are going to upset some people, regardless of whether you meant it or not.


Most people will think highly of you and may love you, but there will always be some who don’t like you and disagree with how you act, think and what you really believe in, and that’s fine, you can’t please everyone.


You can’t please every one, remember that.


You are a great man, you must decide and workout who you talk to and how you show yourself to the world. If you are afraid and shy, mark my words, you will show anxiety and a weak character.


A much better approach is to be bold, strong, determined and more aggressive if you have this problem. You can always tame your attitude and adjust a little later.


Sure, you will upset some people in general, but at least they will see that you have balls and deep down they will respect you. Respect is earned, not given.


5. Look out for and protect your family and people close to you.
A true man protects and looks after his family and loved ones. It is your responsibility in life to provide safety, strength, and love, to people closest to you.


A great man creates a sense of security, strength and love for his family.


People close to you can greatly benefit from your presence and influence when you come across as a caring, yet a strong man in their lives. If they need urgent help and assistance, you must stop whatever you are doing and commit to them.


Most importantly, you must honour the relationship and bond you have with your family as there is no one else like them in this world.


By being there to help your family, they will certainly be there to build you back up and help you when you need it the most, and a time will come where you certainly do need them, it happens to all of us.


6. Create more than you consume.
A great man has a higher calling in this world and many dreams to fulfil.


A true great man always pays back what he owes to society and people who gave him everything he needed when he was growing up.


As a great man you will do your best to create as much value and resources to others as you possibly can. By serving and helping other people you can fulfil your goals, needs and wants, that is the key to making money and creating real wealth.


You must offer people valuable products and services.


My purpose is to show other people how to maintain a healthy body and mind naturally. My aim is to help lots of people to be healthy and happy, so that the energy I use and rely on is worth something to other people and grows in value over time.


Every day I work my arse off to achieve this goal.


When a man is consonantly producing work that is helping other people, often it appears that there is not enough hours in the day because work is all that man thinks about.


I call it passion.


And being passionate about your work is so much more interesting and motivating than just working a typical “job”.


7. Be a great man of integrity.
Integrity simply means that you have a genuine moral code that makes sure that you always remain a decent person who has ethics.


Some examples of the moral code include:


I don’t want to get involved in any form of work or business or activities, which is not in-line with my own values of being healthy, mentally and physically.


I will not rob people.


I will not cause pain or harm to animals or people.


For example, if a job requires me to pollute the local river for millions of dollars a year. I will refuse to do this job because it violates my morals.


It doesn’t matter if I was making a few hundred dollars per week or have a salary of a million dollars a year, I will not do this job because it goes against my morals and I will lack my integrity.


Talking behind another person’s back, whether they are your worst enemy or best friends is also not something which is done by a great man with integrity.


Another way to interpret the definition of integrity goes like this: the state of being complete and undivided is very important to consider. If I stole a bag full of cash and jewellery from someone who was not aware, it is still considered stealing.


I will never steal from my family or friends, but then I would perhaps consider stealing from others if I knew that I would not get busted? This is not congruent at all.


You are morally divided and split.


It’s simple. A man who is morally divided and not solid in his morals and integrity is not a decent man; he is lying to himself and others. He can easily give away his self-control to others who do not have his best interests at heart, people without integrity.


He will become broken in the end and his integrity will be destroyed.


Integrity is a crucial character of being a great man. It makes sure that you have discipline and a moral code that you follow and never break, for yourself or others.


When you treat others the same way you treat yourself, you set a powerful moral standard of being ethical. Nothing will blow you over and no temptations can seduce or corrupt you.


Having integrity literally means having everything.


There you have it, this is how you express yourself as a powerful and complete man.


Don’t forget that every man must have boundaries and the ability to say NO. And as a great man, you must always stand up for those who are weaker and less fortunate than you are.


Highlight your dominant nature by standing up proud, tall, breathing deep, speaking loud and clear, and claiming your personal space. You can be as sexual as you want to be, do not be shy of expressing your sexuality when you want to.


Remember that your family and loved ones are the most important people in the world. These are the people who have sacrificed a lot for you and would miss you dearly if you were gone tomorrow.


Work out what your calling and purpose in life is and spend the rest of your life fulfilling it because you are passionate about it.


Do your best to serve the world so that you are always outputting as much value as you possibly can. This is what it means to be a powerful man, changing the world for the better while being passionate about your work.


And lastly, always maintain your integrity. A man who has integrity is at peace, he is complete, and maintains a strong moral and ethical code. Never break your moral code for ANYTHING or ANYONE.

Enjoy, friends!

-MGTOW 101

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