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Let’s face it. Being a man in the modern world is tough. We are expected to pay for everything, earn less than women, do all the crappy jobs that pay chump change, show our feelings and emotions and yet be strong at the same time.


Women’s expectations are out of control. Men are expected to be good looking, fit, rich while women just have to show up while offering very little in return (vagina does not count for much when a man can sleep with lots of different women in this day and age).


I say screw this bullshit deal, men should have a choice of going their own way and achieving greatness.


MGTOW 101 is a place where I discuss men’s rights, male struggles in the modern world dominated by women, men going their own way, news articles on men and women and how to survive the gynocentric society we live in. I post videos on my YouTube channel MGTOW 101.


I believe in speaking the simple truth and tell it like it is. This means that this MGTOW blog is not politically correct. The whole purpose of this blog is to get you FIRED UP into becoming a REAL MAN who thinks for himself, goes for what HE truly desires and to stay motivated to live the BEST POSSIBLE LIFESTYLE.


I want you to quit living your BORING mundane life pleasing others and become a man who follows his DREAMS and PASSIONS!  I want you to PUT YOURSELF FIRST! No excuses, no rubbish!


After all, you owe it to yourself!


Being stuck in a dead end job, a loveless marriage or a relationship is a no way for a man to live. I’ve been there, done that. It really, really sucked. I turned my life around by “going my own way”.


Instead of going through this life just existing, and being a slave to the system, take a look at this blog as it exposes the truth about marriage, relationships, money and other important elements of living today as a man.

mgtow 101

Hello, and welcome to MGTOW 101 – Men Going Their Own Way.

This blog is about success, independence and freedom and all the other things that make being a man great.

There are hundreds of videos and articles featured to get you started.

To check out some of the most popular classic videos, see below:


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Enjoy, friends!

-MGTOW 101

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